Monday, 2 November 2009

Steve Ditko

Happy Birthday to Sturdy Steve Ditko, 82 today.

For anyone who's just beamed down from Mars, Ditko is the creator or co-creator of such comic book characters as Doctor Strange, Captain Atom, The Hawk and The Dove, The Creeper, Shade the Changing Man, Mr. A, and many more.

But, of course, his most famous and important character is your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.....

These two issues of Amazing Spider-Man are not only the two oldest issues I own but also two of my fave Ditko covers.

And here's the artist himself, in a self-portrait, with a certain Master of the Mystic Arts.

( The importance and magic of Steve Ditko's work deserves a much more in-depth examination, so maybe I'll post some more at a later date. Stay tuned..... )


Capes on Film said...

Nice tribute. Here's a question to ponder: Has Ditko's reclusive nature added to his legendary status or has it simply prevented his work from being more well known?

cerebus660 said...

Probably both. Ditko's "mystique" certainly adds to that legendary status for fans of a certain age, but how many younger comic readers are even aware of his existence? Reprint series like Marvel's Essential books help keep his work alive but is it only old school fans who buy them?

I'd like to think that there are younger fans who look beyond what's "hot" and will dig out older classics ( like I did! )to discover those giant shoulders today's creators are standing on...

Mandra said...

Great Steve Dikto. I always liked his art.


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