Sunday 15 November 2009

Life and death on Mars

"We're not just fighting the Flood - we're fighting Time itself! And I'm gonna win!!"
The Doctor: getting too big for his spaceboots?


Mickey Glitter said...

I'm looking forward to catching up on this and The Sarah Jane Adventures this weekend. And especially DW, mainly because of those crazy-ass pictures you posted of the Chapped Lips and Bug Eyed Crew. =)

Simon B said...

Although I might be in a minority in our house, I thought The Waters Of Mars was excellent. Hope you enjoy it.

Momo said...

I have in recent times become quite a fan of the doctor.
It is not shown here on Japanese TV and I have to resort to other methods in order to see them.
For example:
is one such place (there are others)

My first encounter with this show was the two-part story of the Doctor and Rose in 1940 London and meet Captain Jack for the first time and i was hooked ever since, greedily watching all the shows I could in my free time.

I have just seen waters of mars and suddenly I feel the Doctor suffers an almost megalomania emotion as if being the last of his kind somehow absolves him from their own code of morals & directives. Yet who are we to judge? How can we place our values on an Alien being who lives over 900 years and has saved humanity countless times and who can see the universe with much greater perspective than we ever could?

By our standards, he and he alone has more right to play God than any of us - although more right does not necessarily mean he should! It is more a statement on who are we to judge?

Yes, I love the Doctor and hope when he regenerates into the new actor after then next two shows, he will be as fascinating to watch as the current and the last.

Simon B said...

Hi Momo. Thanks for commenting!

The Waters Of Mars certainly gave us food for thought: if you had the Doctor's abilities and knowledge, how would you use them? The programme makers are pushing this theme of responsibility versus arrogance to the limit for this Doctor's final stories. Serious stuff for a so-called "children's" show!


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