Monday 7 November 2016

Eight years of inconsequential waffling

Hello blogosphere ( Hello yourself )  -  I've  just dropped by to mark the totally irrelevant occasion of the 8th anniversary of this 'ere blog. It only seems like yesterday etc etc...
Although this has been the Year Of The Great Blog Drought due to boring technical reasons ( not having a working PC being the main one ) I still intend to return to active blogging duty at some point in the future. There's been loads of good stuff going on in 2016 that I should have written about and I've really missed blogging. I've managed to catch up with some of you lovely people via the wonders of Facebook but it isn't quite the same.
Anyway, to any of you out there in blogspace who still visit The Glass Walking-Stick  -  thanks for looking in and hopefully there will be more wafflings to come...


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