Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Randomness conquers all!

We'll start with a nice piece of Jim Steranko artwork: Nick Fury, Cap and the SHIELD cast of characters. When I have a day or ten to spare I'll have to wax rhapsodic (steady!) about Steranko's work in general and Agent Of SHIELD in particular. Classic stuff!
Randomness today:
TV time. Another good episode of Survivors tonight. Julie Graham's character comes across a community run by the last surviving government member, which devolves into violence and proto-fascism at the first hint of trouble. Meanwhile, Max Beesley's character shows a more human side while running into a family of survivors on a remote farm.
Also, Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe gave us some revealing interviews with TV script-writers like Russell T., Paul Abbott, Graham Linehan, but could have used a few more clips to illustrate their points.
At work today heard we're going to do the stocktake on the last working day of the year - boo! Also heard Killing In The Name Of by RATM on Radio 1 - hurray! My mate Stew said, and I quote, "Is this Punk music?" Bless.
James dug out Sarah's old recorder to give it a blast; he's doing music at the Centre and is enjoying it. Makes a change from the usual bloody curriculum anti-fun lessons. I dug out my guitar, realised I can't remember hardly any songs, put it away again.
Endblog 12.
Soundtrack: Is This It? The Strokes.

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