Saturday 31 October 2015

Happy Halloween... from 1978

I've so far resisted the urge to fill this 'ere blog with spooky pics in the lead up to Halloween because there are so many bloggers out there who do a much better job of such things.
( If you haven't already, get out your metaphorical broomstick and fly over to The Cave Of Cool  for properly spooksome goings on. )
But, as it's All Hallow's Eve, I thought I'd share this intriguing insight into the strange state of my mind back in 1978. No need to thank me...
This is a class project that I completed in my last year of primary school when I was a mere 11 years' old. The startlingly ( non- ) accomplished artwork only serves to foreshadow my dismal A-Level failure about 7 years later. ( Check out that crescent moon! ) Anyway, this was basically a case of me researching ( ie copying out from books ) ghosts and, yep, mysterious creatures. I don't think my teacher was very impressed when he saw his name on the tombstone. And I think the chap below resembled him too...
As you can see, Dear Reader, no expense was spared with preparing this project. Only the finest cereal box cardboard was used for the binder and my Mum worked tirelessly to string it all together with, er, string. ( Stationary was obviously scarce in the Shire in those days. )
And here's another example of my awesome artwork. The centaur was clearly traced out of a book, while the satyr was obviously inspired by Marvel Comics icon Woodgod. You know... Woodgod?... you remember him, right...? Oh, come on...
I am quite pleased with the design of the page, though. It's the small things that count.

Have a happy and safe Halloween everbody!

Wednesday 21 October 2015

Great Scott!

It's 21st October 2015  -  the day Marty McFly went Back To The Future...

See... he can't believe it either...

Friday 9 October 2015

John Lennon

...would have been 75 today. Such a shame that he's still not around. That is all. Peace.


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