Wednesday, 12 September 2012

It was 20 years ago today...

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful wife, Sarah! It's hard to believe it's been 20 years since the "Big Day" - time flies when you're having fun :-)

I just thought I'd share the beautiful words she wrote to me in my anniversary card which, I admit, brought a tear to my eye:

Over the years we've shared so much.
You've always been by my side, there for the laughter and the tears,
there for the highs and the lows, there for the good times and the bad.
We've helped each other and stayed together,
stronger now more than ever.
Come what may, I know we'll make it through whatever the future holds for us.
I'm glad I said "I do"

I can't add anything to that except to say "thank you Sarah, I love you!"

( OK, I promise to return to the usual, inconsequential nonsense on this 'ere blog as soon as I can. Indulge me... )


Steve W. said...

Congratulations to the pair of you.

Colin Smith said...

Sincerest congratulations! Huzzah to both of you!

Doug said...

Congratulations! Our next one will be our 25th! Scary, as our oldest son is almost 21, which is the age at which we got married... Man, we were young!!

Best to you,


Kal said...

When you look back I suspect it's the best decision you ever made. Congrats on the milestone.

cerebus660 said...

Steve, Colin, Doug and Calvin - thanks for the kind words, guys! Much appreciated.

And, yes, it was the best decision I ever made :-)

Richard said...

Please accept my belated congratulations -- and just look at the two of you in that photo! I know it's shallow of me to be swayed by appearances, but you're such a good looking couple it's impossible not to notice.

cerebus660 said...

Thank you, Richard! You're very kind... but are you sure you're looking at the same photo as the rest of us?


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