Sunday 22 November 2020

And I always thought Blue Peter was boring...

I should have been paying more attention.

Here's a clip somebody posted recently on Twitter ( sorry, Blogspot, it's nothing personal ) from perennial BBC kids' magazine show Blue Peter, showing presenter Maggie Philbin and others discussing the manufacture and history of the corset. Leading of course, to Maggie modelling a corset with the added bonus of stockings and high heels. On a kids' TV show. The mind boggles. It's certainly something that would never happen today... but.... it was obviously acceptable in the '80s, to borrow a phrase from Calvin Harris.

It's strange but I don't think I've ever thought about Maggie Philbin's legs before  -  and now I've been thinking about them all week.

Don't worry, normal service will resume shortly...


Anonymous said...

Of course you've never thought about Maggie Philbin's legs before Simon, we believe you.
(Fortunately the lockdown is ending early next week, so you'll be able to get out a bit ;)


Simon B said...

What lockdown? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Fair point.



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