Saturday, 7 November 2009

A year on the blog

Ah, here's my cake.....

So, I've been doing this blogging thing for exactly one year now. Doesn't time fly? When I started this I didn't know what to expect from it or what I was doing ( things haven't changed much! ) but it seemed a fun idea. Here are a few memories of Year One:

Taking a while to figure out that you can put titles on these things.
Upsetting a fellow blogger by calling a certain comic creator's dialogue "atrocious".
Taking a while to figure out how to change layouts, gadgets etc.
Being shortlisted for a blogger job for a famous sf magazine's website.
And not getting it.
Meeting new virtual friends in New York, Barcelona, Australia and some desolate, icy tundra...
Taking a while to figure out the difference between the words "blog" and "post".
I think I've got that straight now.
Sitting up until the early hours, bleary-eyed, swigging coffee, and still not posting anything.
Talking comics, films, music etc. with other enthusiasts: I love it!
Mentioning The Glass Walking-Stick to a friend who looked at me as if I'd just tracked dogs**t into his kitchen.
Blogging from work when my home PC was ill, feeling like a spy.
Er, I mean I was feeling like a spy, not the PC...
Following and being Followed, like a kind of mutual stalking, but in a good way.
( Seriously, a big thanx to all my Followers! You make it all worthwhile. )

Anyway, that's enough gibberish for now - the real world beckons!
( But not for long... )


The Igloo Keeper said...

Cheers big ears!

cerebus660 said...

You know what they say:
"Big ears, big....."

They do say that, don't they?

wiec? said...

"big ears, big... earmuffs?"

either ways sorry I missed this milestone bro. congrats!

cerebus660 said...

Hey, wiec? ! Thanx for commenting, mate.


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