Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Just a quick mention for Bristol's Excelsior comic shop. I discovered it by chance yesterday and was impressed. Very friendly staff, a nice selection of comics and other stuff, and a handy location near Cabot Circus and the motorway. And the main thing is, they're an independent shop, providing an alternative to the omnipresent Forbidden Planet chain.
Good luck to 'em!

I only bought the issue of The Jack Kirby Collector above - was on a budget and short on time - but I'll definitely have to go back.....


Capes on Film said...

Hi mate- Isn't the Kirby Collector one of the greatest publications ever? I reeally need to subscribe to that. Thank God there are people out there willing to put the time into books like that- for what I assume is a small financial reward.

cerebus660 said...

You're right, Mr. K. It's always a good read with loads of great unpublished and obscure Kirby artwork. I just love that stuff! The only downside is they're a bit harsh about Stan Lee occasionally, but I won't get into THAT argument :-)


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