Saturday, 19 December 2009

Steranko Saturdays: Gettin' some shut-eye...

Nick Fury asleep at the wheel in SHIELD HQ.
You know what it's like: one minute you're catching up with some paperwork, then you're starting to drift off.....
The next thing you know, some gold-skinned alien lands on Earth, promising a New Age of peace and prosperity. Earth rejoices! But it turns out he's really a tentacle-y alien and his "Prism Of Miracles" is a world-killing machine, already activated by greedy humans. Earth is doomed!
( Hey, Doctor Who fans - Claws Of Axos? Sounds familiar... )
But you wake up in a cold sweat; it was all a dream. Phew!
But then you're told of a UFO spotted over New York.....

Nick, I know how you feel. That Christmas holiday can't come soon enough!

From Strange Tales no. 168, May 1968.

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