Saturday, 5 December 2009

Steranko Saturdays: Bring On The Barbarians!

This week Steranko bludgeons us with 3 archetypal sword-and-sorcery images, filled with biceps, babes, bodies and broadswords:

To quote Rose Tyler: "Blimey, you can smell the testosterone!"

Creatures On The Loose 21 and 22 ( Jan. / March 1973 )
Epic Illustrated 19 ( Aug. 1983 )

Soundtrack: All Along The Watchtower, Purple Haze, Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix


Capes on Film said...

These were the kind I had to hide from mom. Barbarian babes rock.

wiec? said...

ha! i just bought that very same issue of Creatures on the Loose at a flea market this summer. it was beat up and dog earred but worth the 25 cents.

cerebus660 said...

Thanks for commenting, guys. I would have loved to see Steranko draw a full S&S strip like Conan, that would have been amazing. Hey Jim, there's still time!

Tony said...

I saw the original of the Thongor cover in 1974, and it blows away the Marvel version. I put up all known drawings of Steranko's Talon Barbarian character here:

cerebus660 said...

Hi Tony, thanks for commenting!

Calling all Steranko fans! Check out Tony's website, - it really is an awesome resource for Jaunty Jim's artwork.


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