Friday, 18 December 2009

Iron Man 2 Trailer

At the risk of turning into a drooling fanboy, THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!


Capes on Film said...

Saw this for the first time here. That's what a superhero movie should look like! Cool heroes, hot chicks and stuff getting blown up.

cerebus660 said...

Matthew, I couldn't agree more!

( Saying that, if there isn't a Stan Lee cameo I'll want my money back! )

Saranga said...

looks like win!
a efw questions: who's the leather clad redhead, the metal clad bad guy and the dark ironman suit guy?
(Not a marvel comic fan)

cerebus660 said...

Leather clad redhead: Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow, a former Russian agent turned superhero. I think you'd like her, Saranga; she kicks arse! ( Well, the comic version does anyway. )

Metal clad bad guy: Mickey Rourke as Whiplash, previously a fetish-suit-clad assassin, now another Russian agent?

Dark Iron Man suit guy: Tony Stark's army buddy, James Rhodes aka War Machine. The one the fans are going mad over :-)

Looks good...

Saranga said...

going mad in a good way or a bad way?

God I wish DC would start making movies int he same way Marvel does - most of Marvel's stuff has been good, but DC can't seem to think past the big 2.


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