Thursday, 17 December 2009

Sound Salvation

It's not often my radio surprises me.

Today I had the radio on in my office, which I don't often do because you need to stand on one leg, face East and balance it on your nose to get a decent signal. ( Who needs DAB? )

Anyway, throughout the course of the day the teen-demographic-chasing Radio One played the following surprising choices:
Killing In The Name by Rage Against The Machine ( twice! )
Orpheus by Ash ( a lost classic )
Stairway To Heaven ( really! ) by Led Zeppelin
- which all helped to brighten up the day.

They're obviously playing the RATM song because the Facebook campaign to get it to Number 1 at Christmas is well under way. It's probably doomed to failure but wouldn't it be amazing if this sweary, shouty, punk-rap derailed the dreaded X-Factor juggernaut? I bought my copy from iTunes and crossed my fingers. You never know.....

1 comment:

Saranga said...

as of yesterday ratm was in the lead...i'm buying my copy tonight.


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