Thursday, 26 February 2009

Wendy Richard

The actress Weny Richard has died, aged 65,  after a long battle with cancer. Best known today as battle-axe Pauline Fowler in Eastenders, Ms. Richards had a long career in TV and films. I'll always remember her as Miss Brahms in the quintessentially 1970s sitcom, Are You Being Served? Here she is as a young starlet, the gloom and doom of 'Enders far in her future.

Soundtrack: Prime Mover by Zodiac Mindwarp.


The Igloo Keeper said...

I saw her in a pub in Marylebone a couple of years ago. I sneezed and she said bless you.

by the way you might be interested in this blog. A bitter and twisted comic book store employee. He makes me laugh:

cerebus660 said...

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of thisiswhy etc. As you said, very funny with some serious things to say about the comics "industry", such as it is today.

whpcguru said...

UGH! So sad. I just saw an episode of AYBS yesterday and it got me thinking of her. I had my first celebrity crush with her. As a kid I really didn't appreciate how old the show actually was. I watched it on PBS here in the States. I decided to look up AYBS on today, and that's when I found out that she had passed. Bless her family. She will definately be missed.

Ken Morrill said...

I didn't know she has passed. It is so sad. She brought many laughs into my life from the time I was a teen to now, as I just watched two episodes of East Enders and this second episode of Are You Being Served. So young and young looking. She'll be missed.

Elina said...


Nice Wendy Richard post.

I run an official "Are You Being Served?" site at:

There are a lot of images and info pertaining to all the cast members.

There is also a lot of other stuff for the AYBS fan including a blog, forum and an online role playing game.



cerebus660 said...

Hi Elina! Thanks for the comment and the link :-)

...and a very belated thanks to whpcguru and Ken for your comments, too!


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