Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Lost toys part two ( Muton )

( Pics courtesy of Vortex Productions. )
Another long lost toy, foolishly abandoned when I was a teenager and too "old" and "cool" for such things. What was I thinking? This is the mighty Muton, a Denys Fisher action figure ( were they called "action figures" in those pre-PC days, or just "dolls"? ), based I believe on a Japanese original.
The main attraction of Muton is, of course, the ability to see his internal organs ( nice! ) through the exo-skeleton, and to be able to take his head off to reveal the mutant brain within. These were serious considerations for the young male planning a morning of toy battles. Issued alongside Muton were Cyborg and Android, all ready for team-ups and/or clashes. Happy days!
Soundtrack: Labelled With Love by Squeeze.

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