Friday, 19 November 2010

Farrah Fawcett..... on a skateboard?

That looks like exactly the same crappy, plastic skateboard I had back in the 1970's. Even down to the strip of black grip-tape you had to stick on to give yourself even a minimal chance of staying on the narrow, slippery board. Of course, living in the countryside, I wasn't in the best place for skateboarding - it wasn't much use on grass! - although I did skate around the concrete farmyard in the dry, summer days and hurtle down the nearby motorway bridge, avoiding the occasional tractor. Them were the days!

( I had to chuckle, on seeing this photo, 'cos Sarah's recently had her hair cut and a friend remarked how she now looks like Farrah Fawcett! Probably not the look she was going for..... )


Steve Does Comics said...

I never had a skateboard. I couldn't even stay upright on roller skates - or ice skates, not even the ones that had three blades on each foot. I do feel I missed out on so much by virtue of having no sene of balance or coordination whatsoever. I never even fancied Farrah Fawcett either. The again, I never fancied Debbie Harry. :(

Steve Does Comics said...

Oh blimey. Now my ability to type seems to have abandoned me too, judging by all the typos in that last comment. :(

cerebus660 said...

Sorry Steve.....
Did you just say something?

I was thinking about Debbie Harry..... :-)


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