Thursday 9 February 2012

Bill Stoneham artwork

For your viewing pleasure just some of the surreal and disturbing work of the artist Bill Stoneham. He is best known for his 1972 painting The Hands Resist Him ( above ), the infamous
"haunted painting" of internet urban legend.
For more of this unique artist's work head to his website here...

Pleasant dreams...


Mick said...

That first painting is SUPER CREEPY. I will probably have to sleep with all the lights a-blazin' at Telstar tonight.

M. D. Jackson said...

Yeah, it's kind of creepy. Not H.R. Giger creepy, but that's because Giger does all the work for you. With his "The Hands Resist Him" more than half the "creep factor" happens in your own mind. That's probably why it has its reputation of being haunted.

But then again, that's where all the scariest things tend to happen, isn't it? In that space between what you see and what you think.

Simon B said...

Thanks for the comments, guys!

The creepiest aspect of this painting, for me anyway, is that it's supposedly a self-portrait of the artist as a five-year old. Brrrrr!!

"...that space between what you see and what you think."
Love that description! That perfectly sums up the appeal of the off-kilter, the seen-from-the-corner-of-the-eye, the movement in the shadows...


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