Saturday, 26 September 2009

Bands That Time Forgot: Vardis

Back when the Dinosaurs Of Heavy Metal walked the Earth ( the 80's ) certain people of a long-haired persuasion paid good money to see a barefoot guitarist play ear-shredding solos whilst whipping his talcum-powder-filled blond hair over the crowd. Such a man was Steve Zodiac of Vardis, purveyors of ridiculous, 100mph boogie to the masses. One of the first, and loudest, bands I ever saw and probably the least cool.

OK, so I missed Favourite Gig Friday yesterday. Ate too much curry and birthday cake at James' birthday party, then fell asleep after watching the new episode of Peep Show. Exciting, huh?
Perhaps Bands That Time Forgot should be a new feature.....? I've got plenty of shameful memories of dodgy bands. ( I see that Skunk Anansie have reformed. Remind me to post about guitarist "Ace" who I remember under the less- rock 'n' roll name of Martin..... )

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