Monday, 7 September 2009

Who Follows The Followers?

Welcome to new Follower, The Groovy Agent ( Ol' Groove, the Groovester, Groovemeister General ) of Diversions Of The Groovy Kind fame. ( That's a lotta "Groovies"! )
I'm especially pleased to have Ol' Groove as a Follower of this humble blog: Diversions... is one of the first, and still the best, blogs I've followed. An almost supernatural effort must go into his detailed and entertaining posts. Check 'em out, and.....
Stay Groovy, baby!!


The Groovy Agent said...

Many thanks for the warm reception, man! I should've joined these hallowed ranks a long time ago!!

cerebus660 said...

No worries, Groove! Good to hear from ya!

Booksteve said...

Hey, I just joined up, too! All my Net buds were here--Joe, Pete, Lubbert, Darius and now Groove!...Seems like THE place to be!

cerebus660 said...

Hey Steve, slide on down to my post "Silence in the library" ( Aug 22nd ), you're already there!
BTW I'm enjoying your posts at Super ITCH, fascinating stuff.


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