Monday, 16 September 2013

Me and Ed and Ed

Further to my post the other day about the recent Ed Tudorpole gig here's a pic of me perfecting the art of photo-bombing, back-to-back with the Punk legend himself. And that's another Ed, bass-player supreme from the mighty Chinese Burn, also getting in on the act.
And here's Ed T flogging me a CD  -  "That'll be ten quid to you, squire..."


M. D. Jackson said...

I love Ed Tudor-Pole! Tenpole Tudor was one of my favourite bands! I'm seething with jealousy, Cerebus! If I don't stop seething I'll turn into a seethe!

cerebus660 said...

We wouldn't want that to happen, Mike :-)

This is the second time I've met Mr. Tudor-Pole and he again proved to be a charming, eccentric bloke, if slightly more distracted this time by the level of attention he was receiving.

But, talking about envy... my mate Rob recently had a weekend in London and somehow ( totally unexpectedly ) blagged his way into the private launch party for the new Clash CD box-set. He conversed, hob-nobbed and generally consumed loads of free booze and food with the remaining members of The Clash, Don Letts, Julian Temple, Harry Enfield (!), Joe Strummer's daughters (!!) and more. Jammy bugger!


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