Friday, 1 June 2012

FF Fridays: Fantastic Four 73

This is the most recent addition to my Fantastic Four collection, no. 73 from April 1698. It's a lovely FN copy, bought from Mega City Comics on my recent trip to that there London town. The shop has a small but impressive stock of Silver / Bronze Age comics, which the very helpful assistant brought out for me in a few long-boxes. I could only afford this and two others because they weren't exactly cheap... but they were worth it.

I've wanted this issue for many years partly because of the lovely Kirby cover, and partly because I didn't remember the story, even though I must have read a reprint of it in the days of Mighty World Of Marvel. As it turns out the story is a tissue-thin affair, and basically an excuse for a slug-fest between the heroes on the cover, and that could be why I didn't remember it :-)

After a bizarre body-swap between Daredevil and Doctor Doom in DD #38, the male members of the FF go after Hornhead, believing him to be the monarch of Latveria. Spider-Man and Thor both get dragged into the fight, through some very lame plot maneuvers, and they all have the standard
scrap-across-New-York-rooftops until the Invisible Woman turns up and stops the plot via some clunky exposition.

That being said, it's all still a lot of fun, with some explosive Kirby/Sinnott action scenes,
a de-powered Thor hitching a ride on Spidey's back (!), the unusual sight of the King drawing ol' DD, and some choice, corny dialogue courtesy of Stan The Man:

Thor: "What?!! Thou dost take me for a base impostor?!! Truly there be madness unbridled amongst ye mortals!"
Thing: "Watch yer langwich cornball!! There may be some chicks around!"


Kid said...

I've always felt that this cover reveals Kirby's weaknesses. At a glance, one can see that, in relation to the lunging figure of Thor, the Thing looks about four feet tall. Also, Spidey, who looks as if he's been retouched in places by Romita, appears as if he's about to rush past the Torch, rather than AT him. Having said that, it's still nice to look at.

Kid said...

Oh, and Daredevil's head is growing out of just above his abdominals.

cerebus660 said...

I was looking at this cover only today, thinking the Spidey figure looked like Romita had worked on it. It's the usual ( for the time ) attempt to keep everything in the "house style", I suppose. And getting Kirby ready for his later treatment at DC ;-)


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