Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I wear an eye patch now...

... eye patches are cool.

Well, they're certainly this season's hottest accessory in the Doctor Who universe.

This week's Radio Times features interviews with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill, all talking about their unsung heroes of the show. There's also a lovely interview with Sadie Miller, daughter of another of Doctor Who's most beloved actors, the late, lamented Elisabeth Sladen.

Here's a scan of that interview:

The last quote is the one that got me:
"You just have to let grief roll, take its own time. Mum and I were so close and all my memories of her are happy ones. That gives me a lot of peace."


Mickey Glitter said...

A lovely article. I didn't realize Lis Sladen was 39 when she became a mother. I love the bath-time picture.

The ending quote is wonderful and so true.

Thanks for posting that - any news on the DWM issue?

Richard said...

I saw that interview earlier today and it just knocked me out. Once again the BBC have managed to surprise me with the graciousness and subtlety of their response to Lis Sladen's death. It's almost as if they felt getting this right was more important than the demise of a celebrity or royalty.

I bet that Sadie Miller turns out to be a great actor, too.

cerebus660 said...

The DWM tribute issue will be out on the 20th of October in the UK. Don't know about US publication. It's going to be a 100-page issue and is sure to be an essential read.

Yeah, the BBC have done Elisabeth proud. I think they've realised her importance to more than one generation of TV viewers. Looking forward to the final series of SJA which starts next week here in the UK...


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