Tuesday, 2 August 2011

On the beach

After various camera-related disasters last week I didn't think we'd have many photos of our recent trip to what Sarah calls "our beloved Cornwall" but luckily I managed to salvage a few.

This is the lovely Watergate Bay, a major surfing beach, just a few minutes drive from Newquay.

Sophie's ready to catch some waves.....

While James is on the lookout for sea monsters. One day.....

The building above houses the Extreme Academy ( for all your surfing needs ) as well as one of Jamie Oliver's Fifteen restaurants. ( That is, the restaurant's actually called Fifteen. He might own a total of fifteen noshing-shops for all I know... )

And here we are, enjoying our breakfast in Fifteen, while still trying to spot those elusive sea monsters.

A very cool, modern restaurant with some excellent
( if expensive ) food. Well worth a visit.

Just make sure you've got a BIG appetite :-)

Soundtrack: Sea Within A Sea by The Horrors.


Mickey Glitter said...

So glad you had a good time and could save some pictures. Looks like a beautiful place. Did you guys ever spy any sea monsters? =) Perhaps wearing mesh tops? LOL

Isn't Tintangle in Cornwall? Or believed to have been?

cerebus660 said...

Yeah, Tintagel's in Cornwall, a bit further up the coast from where we stayed. I've never been there but hope to one day. It sounds very picturesque and is obviously interesting because of all the Arthurian legends that surround the place.

"Tintangle", however, is what happens to Iron Man when he puts on his iron underwear and gets both metal boots stuck in one tin trouser-leg :-)

Mickey Glitter said...

I knew I'd misspelled that dang word. LOL

Richard said...

I'm overwhelmed with envy. And not just because of the food! I wouldn't want to give up Cape Cod forever...but these photos make me wish we could swap places just one time.

cerebus660 said...

Sounds a good idea to me...

...except my passport's expired.



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