Sunday, 9 February 2014

A quarter of a million...?

Yes, it's true... this 'ere blog has recently hit 250,000 page views and I thought I'd just thank all you wonderful people out there in the Blogosphere for all your support. I know 250,000 page views over 5 years doesn't seem so much when compared with the output and following of more, er, prolific bloggers  -  but I'm pleased with it. And so is Hero who popped his head out of the basket above to add his thanks. Strange cat :-)
And, in the time-honoured tradition of TGWS,  here's some more random stuff...

( Above is the lovely Momo / "Jazz"  -  a very talented blogger who has sadly given up blogging for more important matters in the "real" world. If you're still reading this, Momo, I hope you and your family are well. Best wishes from the UK... )

And here are Sarah and I, raising a glass to all you Followers and bloggers out there.
( Well, yes, it's really a photo from last Christmas but we can pretend, can't we? )

Soundtrack: Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd


Steve Does Comics said...

Well done, Simon. This means that probably more people have seen your face than saw Julius Caesar's in his lifetime. This means you are officially more famous than Julius Caesar.

cerebus660 said...

Thanks Steve. I do, of course, model my life - and my dress sense - on Julius Caesar. It's just a bit worrying that there's a big, blank space in my diary after the Ides of March...

Speaking of worrying things... I'm glad to hear ( via Bronze Age Babies ) that your Steve Does Comics... site is not under threat from the Blogger overlords. Phew!

Steve Does Comics said...

Thanks, Simon.


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