Sunday, 30 December 2012


I thought I might just scrape through the 200,000 Page View barrier before the end of 2012. I thought it would be quite an achievement, really. So, I was pleased that I hit that milestone just ahead of the end of the year... and then lost a Follower on the same day.

So, thanks to everyone who reads these scintillating scribblings  -  I couldn't do it without you!
And goodbye to Follower 71, whoever you are... you're going to miss loads of good stuff :-)


Kal said...

What is with all these followers unfollowing? Probably the same maniac that dropped me. Congrats on the milestone.

Steve W. said...

Congratulations on the landmark, cerebus. :)

cerebus660 said...

Cheers, guys! I appreciate your support, as always.


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