Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Classic Comics: Terrific no.1

A big shout out to blogger
par excellence "Kid" Robson who is currently posting loads of wonderful scans from old Power Comics over at his blog. After mentioning to him that I had a knackered, coverless copy of Terrific no. 1 in my collection, Kid very kindly sent me scans of the missing pages.

This is in fact the only Power Comic I've ever owned ( apart from a Fantastic Annual ) and was passed down to me by my cousin Paul, along with some long-gone issues of Lion and Thunder. I missed out on the Power Comics experience, as I was only four months old when this mag came out, so I didn't get my first hit of British Marvel reprints until Mighty World Of Marvel debuted in 1972.

Above is an example of my awesome childhood colouring skills :-) Who knew Namor had blond highlights? I also managed to colour Iron Man a sickly pink and green but I'll spare you that horror...

Yep, those two yellowed pages are from my dog-eared copy, while the nice, pristine pages are Kid's. I can't remember if my copy ever had covers whilst in my possession, but it's good to know that I can now assemble a complete Fantastic no.1 for the first time in too many years.

Thanks again, Kid! You're Terrific!!

Soundtrack: Rabbit Heart ( Raise It Up ) by Florence + The Machine
Still Life by The Horrors
( Both awesome live in Cardiff the other night! Review to follow... )


Kid said...

Thanks for the kind words. A pleasure to assist. And your own blog is pretty darn excellent as well.

Steve W. said...

I won't be able to sleep again until I've seen pink and green Iron Man.

Steve W. said...

I've just realised, Mighty World of Marvel reproduced that Sub-mariner pin-up at some point, and I had it on my bedroom wall.

Kid said...

The pin-up was on the back of MWOM #15 - totally different colour scheme 'though.

cerebus660 said...

Kid, Steve... thanks for the comments, guys.

Don't know if the world is ready for pink 'n' green Iron Man yet...


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