Friday, 24 September 2010

Echoes of the distant past.....

Chains Of Love ( Death Planet Commandos 1989 )

I'm coming back to see you darling
I'm coming back from the other side
And when the moon casts blood-red shadows
I'll show you what the dark can't hide

You wanted to see me darling
You wanted to see me safe and sound
But I'm not the man that you remember
After three cold years underground

It's time to break the chains of love
Obsession growing in the dark
Bodies no longer as one
Just echoes of the distant past

I have seen the earthworm turning
I have seen the tree-roots spread
Families of insects live inside me
And dance through my empty head

Repeat chorus

I've been subjecting James to some of my old Death Planet Commandos tapes ( lucky kid! ) and I thought this song was worth, er, digging up for the ol' blog.
Lyrics by yours truly, music ( what do you mean, you can't hear it? ) by Mark and Jon.

Ahh, zombies in love :-)

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