Thursday, 8 April 2010

Malcolm McLaren

All over t'internet tonight is news of the untimely death of Malcolm McLaren, "Punk mogul" ( according to the NME ), musician, fashion guru, TV presenter, artist and, to be honest, a bit of a prat. Shamelessly self-promoting and self-important, McLaren was never the less an anarchist ( or "situationist" ) at heart who had a rare talent for stirring things up and courting controversy. As a manager/svengali he brought us the following:

The Sex Pistols: "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"

Adam Ant in pre-Dandy Highwayman days.

Bow Wow Wow - Controversial Album Sleeve! Shock! Horror!

McLaren also unsuccessfully managed the New York Dolls, helped spread the hip hop gospel with Afrika Bambaataa and "Duck Rock", sold pervy clothes to middle-aged businessmen ( see photo above ), smuggled opera into the charts, and even composed music for British Airways adverts. Suffice it to say ( that's a great phrase! ) McLaren was a true character, one of the few in a business now taken over by accountants and Simon bloody Cowell.

RIP Malcolm McLaren 22 Jan. 1946 - 8 April 2010


Capes on Film said...

Just stopping by for a quick read.Don't know a lot about McLaren beyond the Pistols, so I learned something here. I remember reading his name for the first time in an issue of Creem magazine in '77. I also recall him having some funny lines in "The Filth and the Fury". Anyway, enjoyed the post. Stay well.

cerebus660 said...

Hi Matthew, thanks for stopping by. McLaren was certainly an interesting, if often annoying, character. Like I said, there aren't many like him left.


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