Saturday, 6 February 2010

Steranko Saturdays: Long Live The King!

Steranko's style owed a huge debt to the late, great King Of Comics, Jack Kirby. The above issue of Strange Tales, no. 151 from Dec. 1966, was Steranko's first work for Marvel, and featured his inking over top of Kirby's layouts.

It was standard practice at the time for Stan Lee, as editor and head writer at Marvel, to encourage new artists to closely follow Kirby's dynamic, exagerrated style - a practice that suited some artists better than others! Steranko was soon to blend the Kirby influence with echoes of Will Eisner and a touch of Pop Art to create his own unique artistic sensibility.

King Kirby passed away 16 years ago today and there is an in-depth biography here at the wonderful Jack Kirby Museum. Check it out!
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