Monday, 1 February 2010

Here's looking at you, kid!

Hey, I've just reached 900 profile views! ( Mind you, 890 of those were by me)


Saranga said...

oh my god that first pic is horrific :o

photoshop has a lot to answer for.

cerebus660 said...

"Eye" know what you mean!

( Sorry! )

Glenn Lander said...

Looking at you baby, you baby yeah - what a song! Saw ex Death Planet Commando (one from Damned gig) Sat when band did gig at Pig on Sat. He was asking after you. Hope all's well mate.

cerebus660 said...

Hi Glenn, how's it going? How was the gig the other night? Is The Pig Inn The City still a top-class rock 'n' roll establishment? The ex-DPC guitarist is Mark, one of da brudders Barnes :-)
( I keep saying this, but I'm gonna have to write my Secret History Of The Death Planet Commandos soon, before senility permanently sets in! )


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