Sunday, 24 January 2010

Can't stop the signal

Forgive me Blog, for I have sinned: this is my first confession in 10 days.

My Mum's been ill for the past week ( but seems to be on the mend now ), so I've been stopping over her place to look after her and consequently haven't been messing about on t'internet. Got loadsa catching up to do.....

I've been watching a lot of Firefly recently, so I thought I'd share the following with you - one of the best fan-made videos on YouTube. It really is a great piece of editing and is set to my favourite Killers song: All These Things That I've Done.


Saranga said...

yeah that is good.

How do you imbed videos in blog posts?

cerebus660 said...

Copy the code from the "embed" box to the right of a YouTube video, select "compose" in your Blogger New Post section, and paste it in. You may have to adjust the size of the video: there is a little "cog" symbol next to the embed box which gives you size options.


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