Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Will Eisner remembered

Today would have been the great Will Eisner's 92nd birthday, had he not taken that final journey to Wildwood Cemetery in 2005.
The above is a quintessential piece of Eisner artwork, featuring many of the elements for which The Spirit is remembered : the noir-ish shadows enveloping the masked hero, the exotic backdrop, the "Spirit" logo worked into the design of the page, the femme fatale enticing the reader into the story.
Eisner, of course, created many innovative and important works such as A Contract With God, Life On Another Planet, Fagin The Jew etc. but The Spirit remains his best-loved creation. Overflowing with humour, drama, humanity and action, it is simply one of the great comic strips.


pete doree said...

are you sure Eisner's birthday was the third of march? I just read your post( and panicked that I hadn't put anything on my blog about it! ), so I checked and Will's website says he was born on March 6.
Anyway, I'm gonna post something then, and it's mega rare so check it out!

cerebus660 said...

That's what I get for believing Wikipedia's anniversaries page. I'll have to check a bit more carefully next time. Sorry to panic you!


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