Saturday, 16 February 2019

Third Doctor sketch by Mike Collins

A couple of weeks back James and I went to the 2019 True Believers comic con in Cheltenham where I picked up this lovely Jon Pertwee sketch from ace comic book artist Mike Collins. I've met Mike a couple of times before and he's a lovely, talented guy who's always happy to chat with fans. I've meant to buy some of his artwork before but never quite got round to it, so I was extremely pleased with this sketch he did for me. It was great to watch him working and see this unique piece of artwork take shape. James and I also sat in on an art workshop Mike conducted where he gave us a few pointers on drawing Spider-Man. This was a lot of fun and the great man said my pitiful Spidey sketch was "really good"... which made my day :-)

As a bonus, here's some more wonderful artwork ( which the observant among you may have noticed as this blog's header image ), a print James bought from Dylan Teague. Isn't it lovely?

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