Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Happy 48th, Doctor!

Incredibly, it's 48 years since the first sighting of that strange old man and his blue box, in the junkyard at Totters' Lane. Here are the first three incarnations of the Doc, striking an iconic pose for the Radio Times 10th Anniversary Special back in 1973, the year I began to watch the show.

Unsurprisingly, there's tons of Doctor Who stuff hitting t'internet today, including the following goodies:

A trailer and synopsis for the 2011 Christmas episode at Planet Gallifrey
A brief history of the show's origins at the Doctor Who News Page
A very knackered looking First Doctor and friends at Hello, I'm The Doctor
And a lovely Fourth Doctor sketch by the wonderful Dan McDaid

All good, wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff ;-)

Personally, I've been celebrating Doctor Who Day by watching an irate William Hartnell getting tetchy with the latest bunch of fresh-faced recruits to his adventures - yep, I've been watching


Steve W. said...

Happy 48th birthday, Doctor.*

(* I happen to know he reads this blog.)

Kid said...

William Hartnell. That's the way the Doctor SHOULD look.

cerebus660 said...

Well, obviously, a man with all of time and space at his fingertips, who is apparently acquainted with Shakespeare, Dickens and Agatha Christie, is sure to be a Follower of this 'ere blog. He knows quality when he sees it ;-)

It's easy to forget what a unique, sometimes stern, but often charming character William Hartnell created with his portrayal of the First Doctor. Bless the old goat...

Kid said...


When ol' Bill first played the Doc, he was not only stern but also slightly sinister. It was never quite clear exactly whose side he was on, apart from his own. However, the character was then changed to a more benign, grandfatherly type character. I preferred the original version.

Steve W. said...

I'll never forgive William Hartnell for trying to bash that caveman's head in with that rock.

Mickey Glitter said...

Love that three favorite Doctors in the same shot. Happy (belated) birthday, Mr. John Smith. <3

cerebus660 said...

...and belated thanks for your comment :-)


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