Saturday, 21 November 2015

Fabian Perez November 2015 UK Tour

This morning Sarah and I made our now-traditional annual trip to Whitewall Galleries in Cheltenham to see the great Fabian Perez's latest collection. The South American superstar artist had stopped off in the Shire whilst on the latest leg of his 2015 tour and we couldn't pass up the chance to see the man and his work again.
Fabian's latest pieces display all the sensuous passion and vitality that we've come to expect from such a talented figurative artist. Unfortunately, my phone pictures can't really capture the paintings' true colours  -  you really need to see them in the flesh, or should I say canvas?
No purchases or photo ops with the artist this time but it was great just to be there, mingle with the "beautiful people" ( some not so beautiful ), have some free drinks and see Fabian's fantastic work. Maybe next time?


Kid said...

That first one's a definite contender for Babe of the Day.

Tom Wiggins said...

Do women like this actually exist?

cerebus660 said...

Yep. I'd make her Babe of the Day every day :-)

As Sarah pointed out to me, they do exist - I'm married to one :-)
As for the ladies in the paintings, they exist too - I've seen photos of the models. Sigh!


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