Monday, 12 January 2015

Creatures On The Loose!

It's been a while since I've bought any Silver or Bronze Age comics but I couldn't resist this early1970s Marvel monster mag with its lovely Steranko cover. I picked it up for the bargain price of £2 from Bristol's premier independent comic shop, the mighty Excelsior. Although slightly water-damaged / rippled it's otherwise in pretty good condition, with the cover's bold colour scheme undimmed by age. And what beautiful artwork by Jaunty Jim! A quintessential Sword and Sorcery image: barbarians, babe, blades and blood all present and correct. The comic's contents are worth a look too, with some fine, moody artwork by the late Gray Morrow.
( Ahh, this all takes me back to the long-gone days of Steranko Saturdays, gone but not forgotten... )

I also got hold of the following vintage beauties, all for around two or three quid:
Doctor Strange #8 ( Engelhart and Colan, the Dread Dormammu on the cover )
Werewolf By Night #6 ( great Eisner-esque artwork by Mike Ploog )
Marvel Two-In-One #1 ( Ben Grimm vs Man-Thing, cool Starlin / Sinnott artwork )
Worlds Unknown #8 ( the underrated George Tuska adapting The Golden Voyage Of Sinbad )
Great stuff! Excelsior!


pete doree said...

Good haul! just goes to show there are still those Bronze Age bargains out there occasionally.

Kid said...

I've got the issue (#10, I think) with Kull's first appearance. Comics were good back then, eh?

John Pitt said...

Why not show us the rest? I love silver & bronze age covers. You know what Steve Walker says about them on his excellent blog, don't you? - THESE were the REAL Golden age of comics!

Richard said...

That Golden Voyage of Sinbad adaptation has always been a favorite of mine, partly because I love the film and partly just on a technical level in that it faithfully depicts the entire film in the space of just two issues. That's what real professionals did, none of your "decompressed storytelling" for them!

cerebus660 said...

Yeah, sometimes it's worth slogging your way through all the bargain bin junk to find some gems...

It was indeed issue number 10, "The Skull Of Silence" - classic Berni Wrightson artwork!

I only scanned the Steranko cover because I'm such a sucker for his artwork and the other covers seemed to pale in comparison. I could still do it though... watch this space. And, yes, Steve Who Does Comics is spot on about the Silver and Bronze Ages...

Back when I was 7 years old and had very limited cash to spend I was confronted one day by both this issue of Worlds Unknown and X-Men #89 in a local shop. I could only afford one so spent my 7p ( 25c ) on the X-Men. That comic is long gone now but I've finally bought the Sinbad issue... 40 years later... I've obviously never grown up :-)


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