Wednesday, 8 June 2011

This one's for Cal.....

Further evidence of the ever-growing Cephalopod Menace. They're now even infiltrating South Devon holiday resorts.

In the words of everyone's favourite ( but strangely AWOL at the moment ) Canadian Coolster: "This is how they getcha..."

So get yourself back to the front line, Cal. The Cause needs you :-)


Mickey Glitter said...

I'm this a selling point for the establishment? =) Ick.

And my cavaet: I am not adventurous when it comes to food. In fact, my lack of adventure where food is concerned is legendary.

Hope you had a great time on your vacation!

cerebus660 said...

Yeah, we had a great time, thanks.

I'll try most types of food, but I draw the line at anything with tentacles :-)

Kal said...

I hope they sell these octopus with a crunchy bread coating and a tangy cocktail sauce.

cerebus660 said...

Being in an English holiday resort, they probably deep-fry them in just enough batter to keep you on the right side of a heart attack..


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