Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Willow Man

Willow Man, Serena de la Hey's 40-feet tall sculpture, which is a familiar sight to travellers on the M5 motorway through Somerset. We passed him today on a daytrip to Torquay and Paignton.
According to the artist's website, Willow Man is "the largest willow figure in the UK, and possibly the world." It was made out of 30 bundles of 7/8 feet willow, woven around a 3 tonne steel skeletal frame. This is the second Willow Man on the site, the original having been destroyed by fire in 2001.


wiec? said...

pretty amazing. figures someone would burn down the 1st one. people just can't appreciate nice stuff.

cerebus660 said...

I wonder if they were re-enacting the last scene of The Wicker Man? Hopefully they didn't burn any chickens or actors inside it :-)


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