Saturday, 25 July 2009

Things I haven't blogged about this week

1. The 11th Doctor's costume, history lecturer chic
2. The 40th anniversary of Neil Armstrong's "one small step"
3. Desperate Romantics on BBC2: art is sexy! ( Isn't it? )
4. Rescuing yet another fish from our patio ( Bloody cats! )
5. Rescuing Hero from a tree in the pissing rain ( Bloody cats! )
6. I love cats really!
7. How crap is local radio? Heart FM j'accuse!
8. How pretentious is it to put French phrases in italics?
9. San Diego Comic Con announcement: Marvel now own Miracleman! ( Or Marvelman)
10. Miracleman? What? I mean WHAT?

Soundtrack: In For The Kill by La Roux
My Delirium by Ladyhawke


Joe Bloke said...

I wish I could get excited about MiracleMan. you know Marvel'll fuck it up. god, how crap would it be if they let Neil Gaiman finish off murdering it?

still, best scenario, they'll reprint the trades. which would be cool.

cerebus660 said...

Yeah, I know what you mean Joe. I'm really in two minds about Marvel getting their corporate claws on MM. I doubt if Alan Moore's too happy about it...


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