Saturday, 18 April 2009

Cornwall 2009

We've been down in St. Ives for the last week, hence no posts for a while.
Apart from a couple of wet days ( and I mean WET ) we've had good weather and a great time. We had a beautiful day at Land's End ( complete with Doctor Who exhibition where Sarah and Sophie got er, slightly spooked by some Daleks and Cybermen ) and a ROASTING day on Porthmeor Beach at St. Ives. Loadsa coastal walks, rock climbing etc. Really don't want to go home, but I suppose I need to go back to work to pay for all of this. Bummer, dude. ( Bloody Hell, this surfer lingo is contagious. )


pete doree said...

yeah, but did you find any second hand bookshops fulla comics....

cerebus660 said...

I wish! Apart from a couple of 50p SF paperbacks my only souvenirs were a sunburnt nose and a ton of sand in my car. I don't know if the speculator boom spelled the end for digging out comics bargains in dodgy old shops. Now everyone and his auntie thinks their moth-eaten copy of Human Fly no. 7 is worth a fortune because it's "old", what chance have we got?


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