Saturday, 11 April 2009

The boys are back in town.

Yay, the Boys From The Dwarf are back!!! It's been a long, long wait but, thanks to Dave ( of all channels ), the original space-bums have returned.
And what a relief to find it all done so well! Co-creator Doug Naylor is onboard, writing and directing, the Boys are on fine form, the new sets and effects look surprisingly expensive and, best of all, the characterisation and humour are spot on. The last two series on BBC2 had seen the show drifting as erratically as Red Dwarf itself, but this first new episode has recaptured the glory days for me. Lister is still a slob with a heart of gold, Rimmer is still the ultimate jobsworth, Kryten is still a fussy but well-meaning bog-bot, and the Cat has been returned to his original characterisation of a narcissistic feline fashion-victim. Unfortunately we're missing the Dwarf's deranged computer, Holly, but that's my only complaint.
The first episode was great fun, featuring a sea-monster in the ship's watertank, a very fit looking possible replacement for Rimmsey in the form of Sophie Winkelman, some great dialogue, and the Cat confusing the word "tentacle" with "testicle".  Two more episodes to watch this weekend ( not to mention Doctor Who and Primeval ).....
Happy smeggin' Easter!

Soundtrack: Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band.


The Igloo Keeper said...

I was disappointed with episode 1. There seemed to be odd pauses for where the studio laughter should have been...

Anyway, on to episodes 2 or 3 and things improved no end. I was blown away by the end of it. Loved the Coronation Street scene (Craig Charles: "I need to get back to The Priory!") and thought that the acting of the aforementioned Craig Charles was outstanding throughout, especially in the final scenes with Kochanski where he has tears in his eyes. Very moving.

I was a bit disappointed that his meeting with Kochanski was so rushed, it felt like we could have had a whole episode to explore that relationship arc. Would this have been because the show had to be cut down to 3 episodes?

Anyway, let's start a petition to get the boys back for good!

cerebus660 said...

I must admit I missed ep3, totally forgot about it for some reason.
I did enjoy what I saw although the Earthbound episode 2 seemed weaker to me. Still, great to see the boys again and a petition sounds a good idea!


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