Wednesday, 19 November 2008

I'm not interested in knitting, crosstitch, or yarn in general. I'm not living my life for God or Christ ( but if they exist I don't want to replace them with Satan or Charles Manson ). I'm not interested in Libertarian politics, although I have read quite a few Steve Ditko comics. I don't follow baseball, football, American football or anything-ball. I've never read any books by Laurel K. Hamilton ( what does the "K" stand for? Ketchup? Ketamine?) or Garrison Keillor. What is it with all these "K"s anyway? I've never surfed but I have fallen off a skateboard a few times.

So what am I doing on here?
Endblog 7.

Soundtrack: Duchess, The Stranglers. Babylon's Burning, The Ruts.

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