Sunday 10 December 2023

A Swift in Time


A couple of days ago, Time magazine named Taylor Swift as their Person Of The Year, so what better, er, time to post some gorgeous photos of the beautiful and super-talented Ms Swift ( and, of course, her cat Benjamin Button. )

( Photos copyright Time / Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin )


Anonymous said...

So you're a Swiftie then, Simon...?

Anyway, just a quick note to thank you for the heads up about Bonnie Langford the other day. Just been watching the new episode of Dr Who, and I'd have had a bit more of a shock if you hadn't warned me!


McSCOTTY said...

I don't think I could name or recognise a Taylor Swift song, but now at least I know what she looks like. Have a great Christmas when it comes Simon .

Simon B said...

I'm not sure if I qualify as a Swiftie, but I do like a lot of her music :-)
What did you think of Bonnie's performance in Doctor Who? I think she was pretty good in it, to be fair. She's definitely going to pop up in at least one of Ncuti Gatwa's stories, so you have been warned. ( Again. )

Always glad to perform a public service ;-)
I'd recommend Taylor's Folklore and Evermore albums ( her stripped-back Pandemic-era material ) as examples of what a great songwriter she is.
I hope you have a great Christmas too, mate.

Anonymous said...

Bonnie Langford didn't actually bother me as such, Simon - a few decades on and pretty much everyone seems like quite a different person. Except for Liz Sladen, obviously (who somehow had hardly changed since the 70s when she returned to the show).

But in general I don't much care for Dr Who's obsession with its past. Obviously the show's been around for quite a while, so a bit of fan service is understandable. But they really overdo it in 21st century Who imo. They should just have the old returning companions do a quick cameo, then bung 'em in whatever iffy spin off show they have planned.

Oh dear, I'm grumbling about modern Dr Who. I better watch it, before I turn into a fan...

Anyway, if you don't post again before Xmas have a good festive season.


Simon B said...

Ha ha, grumbling about modern Doctor Who is all a lot of "fans" do ;-)

I'm hoping to post again before Christmas ( you never know! ) but, anyway, have a great time, mate.

Tom Wiggins said...

What a woman. In the words of Borat, wa wa wi wa! (this comment was brought to you by the MTV generation!)

I saw a picture of her with her latest boyfriend a few weeks back. A comment below it read:

"Taylor Swift taking her next album for a walk."

Simon B said...

I'm sure it would be worth the heartbreak for "her next album" ;-)

Oh, and thanks to the MTV generation!


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