Sunday 1 January 2023

Happy New Year from The Glass Walking-Stick

 All the staff here at TGW-S ( er, just me actually ) would like to wish all you lovely people in Blogsville a happy and healthy start to this year that some are already calling "the one before 2024."

To mark the occasion of another solar revolution Sarah, Sophie and I went for a five-mile walk with our friend Caz today and found ourselves up to our proverbial armpits in mud. It was a fun but somewhat challenging way to start the year, but we needed to get out and clear the cobwebs away :-)

Here's Caz ( in the foreground ) and the three strange people who dragged her out into the wilderness. 

( I don't think my hand looks like it's attached to the rest of me in this shot. And why's it so large? Freaky. )

I also don't think Sarah's really enjoying the experience in this photo...

Happy New Year! Peace, love and all that stuff.


McSCOTTY said...

All the best for 2023 Simon . We went for a walk in our local country park as well and had to cut it short due to the thawing snow and ice and the resultant mud, but we got an hours walk out of it on a lovely crisp morning. Love the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon, one of my all time favourites strips.

Anonymous said...

Peace and love to you too, man.
Enjoy the sunlit uplands of 2023.


Simon B said...

Happy New Year mate! Update: we went for another walk today, the sun shone and nobody got lost in the mud :-) And, yes, Calvin & Hobbes rule!

Happy New Year maaan! I'm not sure how sunlit those uplands are going to be but we'll give it a go.
Oh yeah, fuck the Tories! :-)

Steve W. said...

Happy New Year, Simon.

Simon B said...

Thanks Steve! Happy New Year my old blogging pal. Best wishes for 2023.


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