Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Kirby 101

Happy birthday to the late, great King of Comics  -  the incomparable Jack Kirby!


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

It begins and ends with Kirby. More talent in his little finger than any ten artists you choose. He is called the King for a reason.

Kid said...

Actually, he's called the King because Stan Lee crowned him so. Superb visual storyteller, anatomy a bit wonky, wouldn't say he's better than any 10 artists. At the top of his game he was great though. (His later stuff was a bit iffy.)

Cer, if you don't have it yet, buy the FF #1 facsimile edition - it's a 'must-have'.

cerebus660 said...

Guys, thanks for the comments.

There's definitely a "cult of personality" that's grown up around Kirby ( mostly thanks to Stan, ironically enough ) and, yes, he had his weaknesses ( don't we all? ) but I think his status is well-earned, mostly due to his phenomenal work ethic and over-abundance of successful ideas and concepts.


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