Sunday, 16 November 2014

Fabian Perez 2014

Argentinian superstar artist Fabian Perez is currently doing another tour of the UK, so Sarah and I headed over to the ever-wonderful Whitewall Galleries in Cheltenham to see his latest exhibition.
( And it gave Sarah yet another chance to swoon over the Johnny Depp-alike great man himself. )
As ever, the gallery was rammed with people admiring the artwork and sculptures, drinking free champagne and hoping to meet and greet with the always-approachable and friendly Fabian. The new collection was up to his usual high standards with his trademark cast of sultry, romantic characters in beautiful, atmospheric locations. We were particularly taken by the masked Venetian lady above. The original oil painting was selling for just under £8000, while a pen and ink study for the piece was going for about £1300. Sigh! We just have to keep on dreaming...
We also really liked this one, The Embrace, but I couldn't do it justice in the photo, as a light shining on it tended to bleach out the colours. There's nothing like seeing a painting for real!
Likewise, this painting of Fabian's muse, Saba, is the original, while the piece at the top of this post is a print.
Here's our invitation to the event. James was going to come with us, but at the last minute decided to go out with a mate instead. Kids! Anyway, we had a great time at the exhibition and, thinking of the Venetian lady, went for a lovely Italian meal afterwards. Same time next year...?


Kid said...

Saba's a definite contender for Babe of the Day.

cerebus660 said...

She really is. And, as I've got a signed print of Saba hanging on the wall in the lounge, she can be Babe Of The Day every day :-)


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