Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Scratchy old 45s

The Cost Of Living EP / Radio Clash / This Is England / The Magnificent Seven / Straight To Hell / White Riot by The Clash
C'mon Everybody / ( I'm Not Your ) Stepping Stone / Black Leather / Holidays In The Sun / God Save The Queen / Something Else by the Sex Pistols
Kick Out The Tories / Mindless Violence by the Newtown Neurotics / Flares 'n' Slippers EP by the Cockney Rejects / Into The Valley by the Skids / Kids On The Street by the Angelic Upstarts
California Uber Alles by Dead Kennedys / All Out Attack EP by Blitz / The Serenade Is Dead by Conflict / Puppets Of War by Chron Gen / Reason For Existence, Demolition War, Religious Wars by Subhumans
No More Heroes by the Stranglers / Stand Strong EP by Vice Squad / Into The Abyss by Sex Gang Children / Warhead by UK Subs
Sun Is In The Sky by the Seers / XX Sex by We've Got A Fuzzbox And We're Going To Use It / You Trip Me Up by the Jesus & Mary Chain / Lean On Me by the Redskins / Catch by The Cure / Being Boiled by the Human League / Kiss by The Age Of Chance
( And just to prove my old singles collection isn't all about Punk and indie... )
Fascination by the Human League / Bang Zoom! Let's Go Go by The Real Roxanne and Hitman Howie T / Pump Up The Volume by MARRS / Saving All My Love For You by Whitney Houston / Sue Sessions EP by Ike & Tina Turner / Kiss by Prince & The Revolution / If Your Heart Isn't In It by Atlantic Starr ( really... )
Gotta have some Adam Ant to finish:
Deutscher Girls / Young Parisians / Antmusic / Cartrouble / Zerox / Dog Eat Dog / Stand And Deliver / Prince Charming / Friend Or Foe


Richard said...

Oh man does this take me back. When I was an art student in 1980 there was a record shop on my way home with all the import singles from Britain on a big shelf in the front. Many places with import vinyl kept it bagged up behind the counter so you had to ask for it, but at this store you could paw through them to your heart's content, learning the names of new bands and studying the cover art. Even the ones I never heard helped form my impression of what was happening in the British music scene. Thanks for bringing back those memories.

(P.S.: that record store only just closed this past year!)

cerebus660 said...

I bought most of those late '70s Pistols / Clash etc. singles years after the fact. I only really started getting into music from about 1980 onwards - I was a late developer :-)

The Oi / Street Punk and Anarcho-Punk stuff like Blitz and Conflict was something that I was into when I was about 14/15/16 but I can't say I listen to it too much nowadays. Ideal music for a wannabe teen rebel - loud and aggressive with plenty of gratuitous swearing...

But... at the same time I was also listening to the more poppy stuff like the Human League and bands like OMD and Heaven 17. A complete contrast.

I've also got tons of old Motown and Trojan Reggae singles but I didn't photograph them because most don't have picture sleeves and would have looked kind of dull...

Joanne Casey said...

very impressive. I have a few of those :)

cerebus660 said...

That doesn't surprise me, Joanne... I know you have good taste too :-)


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