Friday, 24 August 2012

Blogging versus life

Those of you who are kind enough to drop by on a regular basis may have noticed a distinct lack of blogging round these 'ere parts recently. This is due to the usual, boring reasons: lack of time, energy etc. and the fact that our PC's feeling poorly again. ( I'm typing this on Sophie's netbook which is our only link to the space known as cyber at the moment. )

Tomorrow Sarah and I are heading down to Cornwall again ( well, we haven't been there for at least a month ) for a weekend in Penzance, with ( hopefully ) a chance to go dolphin spotting. If all goes well there should be some photos appearing here before long. Until then, hang in there, be kind to each other, keep on keepin' on... and all that kind of stuff :-)


M. D. Jackson said...

Penzance! Will there be pirates?

cerebus660 said...

Arr! There be pirates everywhere!

Joanne Casey said...


cerebus660 said...

Thanks Joanne! We've just had a great day in St. Ives and should be going dolphin watching tomorrow morning. Just about to have a meal in our hotel. Tis the life :-)

Steve said...

You really don't need to apologise for not blogging.
It's called having a life.
One's own enjoyment must take priority.

cerebus660 said...

You're right, of course, Steve. However, I do tend to feel guilty about not blogging very often because I think my brain will start to go rusty if I don't keep it up :-)


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