Monday, 7 February 2011

First Captain America trailer

"How do you feel?"

Cap! The Red Skull! Bucky Barnes! The Howling Commandos! The shield!

"What do you think?"
"I think it works... "


Capes on Film said...

Wha?? No comments on Cap? Production values look slick. The cast is outstanding (Evans, Weaving, Stanley Tucci, et al).

Can Joe Johnston redeem himself after "The Wolfman"?

I think one of the keys is Weaving. The Skull HAS to be portrayed as the most vile, ruthless villain ever.

What do YOU think, Simon?

cerebus660 said...

Hi Matthew! I didn't put any real comments on this post because I wrote it in a rush, literally 2 minutes before I went to work :-)

I'm definitely looking forward to Captain America but, as with the Thor movie, the potential for it to be campy is worryingly high. However, as you say, the film has a top quality cast and the clips and photos released so far look cool. I'm not too familiar with Joe Johnston's work but I thought he did a great job on The Rocketeer, so he's got experience with a period-set action movie.

And you're right about the Red Skull: he has to be badass enough to scare HITLER - which is a big deal !


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