Thursday, 12 December 2019

On today's To-Do List - Let's Kick Out the Tories!


McSCOTTY said...

Haven't heard that song before , brilliant. Sadly I never saw anything other than a Tory UK wide victory and the collapse of Labour. At least the DUP in Northern Ireland got their just deserts . Being Scottish I see interesting tinesxahead after how strongly we returned the SNP again .

cerebus660 said...

Hi Paul! The Neurotics were a fine live band ( I saw them play in the not-too anarchic surroundings of Cheltenham Town Hall ) who really should have gone on to greater things. They were around for the arse-end of Punk, when the public face of the genre seemed to be the likes of The Exploited and the Cockney Rejects, and were overlooked. They've actually reformed and my mate's band are supporting them next year in London so that's good - I may even get to that gig.

As for the election...
What a disaster! I may be hopelessly naive but I really thought it would be more of a close run thing. Sadly Labour were wiped out. Below are my hastily-scrawled thoughts from Twitter yesterday morning:

"Yesterday many of us voted for friendship and inclusion, to protect our NHS, to safeguard our environment and our children's future. Sadly, many more didn't. I hope you're happy with your tawdry, mean-spirited victory. You'll get the country you deserve."

I'm glad the SNP did so well and I'm sure this whole debacle will re-open the debate for another Scottish independence referendum. Last time I was really unsure about Scotland leaving the Union, but now... I think you'd be better off to get away from us.


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